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Whether you are new to foreign exchange trading or already have some market experience, we believe that a solid FX trading education is vital to your success as a trader.


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Duncan Cooper

Senior Market Strategist & Trading Mentor, ACY Securities

Duncan has been actively trading the financial markets for more than 15 years & has traded stocks, options, & the Forex market since 2005. He strongly believes that anyone can learn how to trade. He loves to see his clients develop & achieve results.


Peter Pan

Market Analyst, ACY Securities

Peter has helped thousands of new traders to develop their trading knowledge & strategies. His deep understanding of market sentiment together with his years of trading experience, allow him to seek out the latest opportunities for clients.


Gary Hsieh

Technical Market Analyst, ACY Securities

Gary has over 10 years of analytical & trading experience across foreign exchange, fixed income, & cryptocurrencies. He produces technical analyses which incorporates market psychology for medium and short-term trading.


Cindy Tsai

Market Analyst, ACY Securities

With working experience in financial holdings and insurance company, Cindy is especially expert in quantitative analysis and asset allocation to increase the portfolio return and reduce risk volatility.


Lenny Volpicella

Global Team Lead & Senior Trading trainer, ACY Securities

Lenny has worked in financial services and has been actively trading the global financial markets for over half a decade. Lenny has worked for some of the world’s largest CFD brokers and assisted hundreds of clients become better traders.


Nathan Bray

Account Manager & Trading Mentor, ACY Securities

Nathan is skilled in FX Hedging and love to support his clients in grasping the fundamentals of trading the global financial markets. He is a strong business development professional who loves to see his clients achieve great results.


Fadi Elshaar

Account Manager & Trading Mentor, ACY Securities

Fadi has over a decade of experience in financial market specializing in currency and commodity technical analysis. Fadi is responsible for assisting clients with the Middle east & the European market.


Mathilda Shen

Managing Director, Finlogix Japan

Mathilda has vast experience in the financial services industry spanning over 12 years working for organisations in Japan, China and Singapore. She has a deep understanding of FX, CFDs, Futures and Options trading. She has a natural ability to identify unique trading opportunities whilst taking into account hedging profits under all economic conditions.


Choko Zhang

Market analyst, Finlogix Japan

3 years of experience as a technology analyst, graduated from Sophia University, took the CFA level 2 exam, and obtained the FRM certificate. Having worked in the financial industry of Japan and China, and specializes in analyzing global market, fundamental analysis, option strategy, volatility analysis.


Luca Santos

Market Analyst, ACY Securities

Luca is a seasoned Forex trader with a wealth of experience in the financial markets. Luca has a deep understanding of the economic data that drives the currency markets, and he uses this knowledge to inform his trading decisions. With a background in hedge fund management, Luca brings a unique perspective to the Forex markets, as he is well-versed in the tools and techniques used by professional traders and fund managers.


Nedal Alchaar

Chief Economist, ACY Securities

Dr. Nedal Alchaar is a distinguished figure in the fields of finance, economics, and academia. He served as the Minister of Economy and Trade in Syria, and has an extensive background in financial markets and institutions, having held prominent roles at Fannie Mae and Johnson & Higgins in Washington D.C. Dr. Alchaar has received numerous accolades for his work, including being nominated twice for The Nobel Prize.


Mahmoud Mashal

Market Analyst, ACY Securities

Mahmoud is our market analyst in the MENA region, he has more than 9 years of experience in the financial markets from working as a financial analyst in prestigious companies and as a day trader. Mahmoud has experience in fundamental and technical analysis and can communicate complex analyses and insights to clients in a simplified manner.


Nour Al-Bitar

Market Analyst, ACY Securities

Nour is well experienced in financial market analysis and risk management. She completed her studies at "Edinburgh Napier University", one of Scotland's best universities. Nour produced many successful trading strategies, in addition to periodic analyses of the financial markets, and participated in many educational and analytical seminars on the Forex market.


Murad Haddad

Account Manager, ACY Securities

Murad is an experienced trader in the financial markets. He is characterized by a deep understanding of the economic data that moves the markets and is proficient in using trading tools and platforms designed for the global markets, he loves sharing his knowledge to support his clients in their trading journey.

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Whether you are starting out or already an experienced trader, it is vital to understand how Forex works, as there is a level of complexity involved in Forex trading.

But by leveraging the skills, forex strategies and trading tools discussed in our Forex webinars, you can look to improve your trading and work confidently towards achieving your financial goals.

No matter if you are trading cryptocurrency CFDs, trading Forex, indices or commodities, it is important to get a quality education.

This involves gathering knowledge on trading strategies, fundamental analysis, the level of risk involved, how to build your trading plan and live analysis for each trading day.

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Start Trading in Minutes

You may like to consider trading a demo account once you learn the different strategies in our Forex trading webinars. That way you can test them and see if they fit in with your trade ideas and trading time frames.

Another idea is to test them on a live account, trading with as little as $50. This way, you get to experience the live market in real time, learning how to trade on your favourite financial instruments.

As you know, trading involves risk and protecting your capital is key. Therefore, starting with a micro contract size means each pip movement is worth $0.10.

We look forward to seeing you at our next live webinar to help you learn Forex and learning how to trade CFDs.

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